Schedule 2020

9:00 AM Welcome Address Mark Chandler and Eve Crevoshay
9:10 AM Keynote Address John Smedley
9:30 AM Depression as a Man in the Games Industry Tricia Gray, Chris Charla, Mike Wilson, Callum Underwood
10:30 AM Mental Health in Games - The Role & Opportunity of NGOs (Fireside chat) Eve Crevoshay, Leo Zullo, and Anita Sarkeesian
11:30 AM Health Concerns in Esports Dr. Melita Moore, Lindsey Migliore, DO (GamerDoc), Dr. Atheeshaan Arumuham
12:30 PM Break
1:00 PM Accommodating Differences Eve Crevoshay and Emily Grace Buck
1:30 PM Suicide among Game Makers Tammy McDonald and Dr. Kelli Dunlap
2:30 PM Content Creation & Wellness Celesmeh, Ash Paulsen, Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo, Mxiety
3:30 PM - 4:10 PM The Talent of Empathy Chris Metzen and Eve Crevoshay
3:30 PM End of day 1
9:00 AM Mental Wellness in Indie Games Lazzie Brown, Renee Gittins, Rami Ismail, David Edery
10:00 AM Game Design for Empathy Hector Fuster, Ken Hall, Brenda Romero, Erin Reynolds
11:00 AM Ethics & Immersion in Games Dr. Rachel Kowert, Dr. Celia Hodent, Dr. Michelle Colder Carras, Platinum Paragon
12:00 PM Game Design Research Fireside Chat Dr. Rachel Kowert, Platinum Paragon
12:30 PM Break
1:00 PM Why representation matters to your Mental Health Manveer Heir, Dr. Sachin Shah, Tanya DePass, Chandana Ekanayake, Mitu Khandaker
2:00 PM Mental Health in Tabletop Games Fireside Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo and Dr. Bruce Ballon
2:30 PM Mental Health and Community  Management Jenesee Grey, Victoria Tran, Brandy Camel, Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo
3:30 PM Approaches to Mental Health Support & Awareness in Games Dr. Sarah Hays, Gabe Pappalardo, Rosemary Lockhorst, Swatee Survee
4:30 PM Closing Address Mark Chandler and Eve Crevoshay

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