The DeanBeat: Gaming mental health conference encourages men to seek help

The International Game Summit on Mental Health Awareness is urging men in gaming to come forward and seek help when they need it.

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Game developers’ mental health to be the focus of international summit

Game industry employees face a lack of job stability, unclear career trajectories and increased burnout rates, report shows.

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Game industry’s first mental health event debuts in October

The International Gaming Summit on Mental Health will take place on October 9-10 in Toronto, Canada, and it will be the first gaming event on mental health.

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First International Gaming Summit on Mental Health set for October

The first International Gaming Summit on Mental Health is being held this year in Toronto, Canada to address the unique mental health challenges faced by people working in the video game industry.

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Announcing our Partnership with The International Games Summit

Take This is proud to announce a partnership with The International Games Summit on Mental Health Illness and Awareness (TIGS.CA), whose inaugural event will be held October 9-10, 2019 at The Design Exchange in Toronto, Canada.

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Normalizing depression in the games industry

Mental health is something development studios are increasingly concerned about, but there are still relatively few developers willing to openly discuss their own struggles.

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Successful game industry pros talk about their struggles with depression

John Smedley, head of Amazon Game Studios in San Diego, California, opened TIGS with a keynote talk about working with depression.

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Safe In Our World launches charity game bundle to benefit mental health

Safe In Our World has launched a charity game bundle with the goal of providing free mental health resources for gamers and game industry professionals.

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A survivor’s view of a game developer’s suicide

Game developer Matt McDonald killed himself 11 months ago, and his wife, Tammy talked about the issues that led to it and the aftermath at TIGs.

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Successful indie devs on coping with failure, imposter syndrome

Creators from Vlambeer, Spry Fox, and Arbitrary Metric talk about common mental health challenges at smaller studios

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